Braga will host the first artisanal beer festival

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Braga will receive the 1st edition of the Hopen – Braga Beer Festival.

A festival of artisan beer that will fill the gardens of Campo das Hortas with several Portuguese breweries, street food, concerts, shwocookings, workshops, harmonizations and commented tastings.

The Hopen – Braga Beer Festival was born to potentiate the revolution of handmade beers in the city of Braga, based on the historical environment of the city and feeding the true young and entrepreneurial dynamic that prevails throughout the city.

The artisanal beer continues to conquer the palate of the Portuguese for its new and intense aromas. These beers are different from the typical beer we find in supermarkets and restaurants by their brewing process.

Alma, Letra, Barona, Post Scriptum Brewery, Vadia, Praxis Coimbra, Colossus Craft Brewery, Lobo, Octave Hill, Sovina, Burguesa, Luzia, Dois Corvos and Musa are some of the 100% Portuguese beer brands that have already confirmed their presence at the event.

A route was also designed through different points of interest of the brewery in the historic centre of Braga, and a few minutes away from the festival grounds.
This festival is free entrance.

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