Papas de Sarrabulho Festival is back in Amares

Papas de Sarrabulho Festival is back in Amares. The 18th edition of this festival, which is already a reference in Portuguese gastronomy, will take place from 22nd to 25st February.

For the second year in a row it will be held at the Municipal Market of Amares, from 12 am to 11 pm, except for the last day, which closes at 8 pm.

The main dish on the menu of the restaurants present are Papas de Sarrabulho, which can be accompanied by the dish of “rojões” and a glass of red wine. In the place you can also find alternatives for those who do not appreciate this specialty, such as “pataniscas”, various salty dishes, “pão com chouriço”, “bola de carne”, bread, green broth, and others. In the restaurants’ dessert list you can find oranges from Amares, orange pudding and “rabanadas”.

But in the place you will also find various products for sale, such as: “pastéis de nata”, “bolas de Berlim”, “tripas de Aveiro”, ice creams, candies, “Pão de Ló” from Ovar, sausages, liquors, cheeses and Amares’s wines.

There is also a showcase of regional products on sale, such as Amares oranges, greem wine, olive oil, handcrafts and agricultural production, which can be bought from local producers who exhibit at the venue.

This year it is expected the visit of more than 35 thousand people and a turnover that should exceed half a million euros. Manuel Moreira, mayor of Amares, states that “this is the most important event in our municipality, especially in terms of promotion. The people who visit us take the image of our country, our people, our gastronomy, everything we have”.

This is a joint organization of the Municipality of Amares and the Associação Comercial de Braga, with the support of Delta Cafés, the Intermarché of Amares, Entidade Regional do Porto e Norte, Rubis – Gasnor, Palmeira Frio, Gasair and CAMPE.



Restaurante A Rival

Restaurante Casa Gil

Churrasqueira de Caldelas

Restaurante Vale do Homem

Restaurante Carias

Tasquinha Tomadas

Taberna Abadia

Quinta do Fernando



Era Amares

Tripa de Aveiro

Casa das Natas

Nosso Fumeiro

Despensa da Avó

Pão de Ló de Ovar Cruz


Ginginha e Licores Tradicionais

Queijo da serra do Gerês

Pastelaria Aurora do Minho

Vinhos de Amares