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  1. Taste Braga

Taste Braga has the purpose of developing, in general terms, Braga’s gastronomy and promote the flavors and traditions around the table in the region.

  1. Utilization Terms

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  1. Data Reception

Taste Braga guarantees that the collected and voluntarily ceded personal information will only be used by our services.

It’s considered to be personal information everything that may be used to identify a user for our services, like name, email address, date of birth or other dada to perform services. The given data will not be transferred to a third parties.

  1. Responsibility Exclusion

The features described and all the accessory documentation were developed with the purpose of suiting to the generalities of the companies’ activities in different areas.

Taste Braga informs that it might exist a need to adapt and improve because of the particularities of each company, so you advise you to contact a certified partner and confirm with it the suitableness of our product to your needs.

  1. Updates

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