A Christmas guide for spending the holiday in Braga

Get to know the best places in Braga for eating out and some last minute Christmas shopping by the blogger Pri Diniz

We have invited blogger Pri Diniz to experience Christmas in Braga for one day. As request by Taste Braga, the blogger spend the day in Bracara Augusta and visit two must see gastronomic spots so caracteristic of the city. She told us all abou it in this blog post.

We are getting closer and closer to Christmas! Yeay! And I know that some of the readers must have left their Christmas shopping for the last minute. So I will give a tour of the spots for good eating in Braga as well as the best places you can go for some original yet last minute shopping. Follow us and experience this through Pri’s eyes.

arco braga porta nova

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2 places to eat out in Braga

Beauty & Tradition

The pastery shop Lusitana is located near the Santa Barbara’s Garden and has some of the most inviting delicious sweets I have ever seen and has an amazing view.

Here we got ou afternoon snack and a chance to interview Luís – the waiter. We ask him what are the best things to eat here at Lusitana? Of course, he never hesitated and told us very sure of himself: Tíbias.


Portuguese harm mix with high end gastronomy

Brac is a place that impresses right for the get go with its peculiar decoration and photographs on the celing which turn the environment really cosy and make it feel like home. The delicate plates and full of flavor that surprise us  with each new flavor and compositon. It remind us of the dishes our grandmothers used to make for Christmas dinner and leave us with a taste of nostalgy.

Braga, a city of many face that surprise us everyday with its novelties. Today’s hints are just a small peek at the all the leisure activities and of gastronomy that the city has to offer.

3 stores, very original options

Irinas B

Acessories and  bags stores made by hand in braga. Very cool and original.

Dora Guimarães

Braga’s shoe designer that sells shoes made with a unique design and with an excellent quality.

Elsa Barreto

Elsa Barreto is a stylist with a career of over 25 years in fashion. This designer is very talented and the store is a must go place.

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Written by Priscila Diniz