This weekend you pick the hops and drink the beer on the same day

As of today, the meeting point for craft beer lovers is Braga. There are more than 80 different beers distributed by 7 brands from north to south of the country that you can find in the Letra Harvest Fest’19, in Vila Verde.

An artisanal beer party that promotes sustainability and the local economy and aims to promote the cultivation of hops in Portugal, which is a fundamental raw material for beer production.

This is already the fourth edition of Harvest (harvest in English), where participants are invited to harvest fresh hops and produce a beer on the same day, is literally from the field to the glass.

The festival also has a lot of music and entertainment with international guests. This year, the headliner Julinho da Concertina comes to Minho, already in a more rocky style, and we can listen to El Señor, as well as Rio Homem, Ezequiel and RT-FACT concerts, sharing the stage with the band Nuno Andrade Blues Drive, in a style of electronic music. On the last day of the event, we will have the performances of CUCKOO LET US.

There will also be a trail and a walk on the morning of Sunday 15th September.

The event is organized by Fermentum (UMinho’s Spin-Off) in partnership with the Vila Verde City Hall and the Vila Verde and Barbudo Parish Councils.