It’s probably the most consumed ingredient in Braga’s gastronomy, as well as one of the world’s most beloved. Codfish is also one of the most consumed products in the world because of the Vikings – the pioneers in the consumption of this food. In Minho this product is easily identified in dishes like ‘bacalhau à narcisa’ or ‘bacalhau à Zé do Pipo’ served in numerous restaurants in the city.

In the Middle Ages, this ingredient took over the title of long lasting food with a better flavour than other fishes. This product became popular for two reasons: first, because among the poorest population it was rare to buy fresh fish, and, secondly, because of the prominence of the Catholic Church that ordered the forty days of fasting during the Lent and prohibited the consumption of meat in that period.

Therefore, the days of fasting ended up as days of salted codfish.