6 sweet treats you have to try when in Braga

City with a strong bond with Catholicism and religious orders – it is the oldest archdioceses in the country, after all -, Braga is a place where there are plenty sweet treats with monastery origin that, filled with eggs and sugar, leave water in our mouths.

From an infinite list of delicious regional desserts and cakes, we recommend six that promise to sweeten your day, when you pass by the city.


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Inside a delicious dough, sprinkled with sugar and with a crunch touch, tibias hide a sweet cream that melts in our mouth and delights anyone. With monastic origin, and having already several modern versions, they are a true gift from God to our eyes and palate.



A cake with a similar appearance to a nata’s, filled with egg yolks and sugar and with a slight flavor of nuts. ‘Viúvas’ come from the old Remédios Convent, in Braga, and were forgotten for many years. It was an historic investigation that brought them back to light, thanks to the preservation of Braga’s families’ old recipes books and of the nuns’ notes.


‘Pudim à Abade de Priscos’

A pudding that doesn’t need to be presented. It’s as caloric as it is delicious and its most curious characteristic is that it’s made with ‘toucinho’, which is pork. The recipe belongs to an old priest of Priscos parish, a mystical figure, who is said to have created and invented very appetizing dishes without, however, leaving recipes to many of them.



Small crunchy biscuits, with a touch of cinnamon, shaped in a peculiar way reminding us the crossed legs of a noble man. They are a typical and mandatory presence is Braga’s Easter tables and they disappear very quickly since they are so addictive.



A milk cream with a heavenly aroma to cinnamon, lemon and burnt sugar, which fills the house and reminds us of our childhood. Of uncertain origin, it makes a great dessert (or even snack) and it’s served in the majority of traditional restaurants.



With a similar dough to typical ‘pãezinhos de leite’, ‘moletinhos’ are even more delicious due to its syrup and to the sugar which they are sprinkled with. Although it’s common to find them throughout all the year, there are pastry shops that only serve them on the traditional date, which is on Saint Vincent’s festivities.



Envolved in a cruchy dough, ‘sameirinhos’ are a unique and delicious sweet treat. Its origin is in monasteries and now they can be found at some of the most traditional pastry shops in the city.