An itinerary through Braga’s typical pastry

Braga is undoubtedly is a very rich city when it comes to gastronomy. There are many savory and substantial dishes to get extremely satisfied, but also diverse sweet treats to taste as dessert or to savor as breakfast or snack. Traditional bakeries are all around the city, which shows its monastery heritages with great pride.

On the historical center, you can build a true itinerary through Braga’s pastry and, because we don’t want you to miss anything, here are our suggestions for you to get sweeten:


Queijaria Central

After a visit to the tourism office of the city to uncover the historical corners where you must stop, there’s nothing better than to pass by Queijaria Central, really close, to take a few sweet treats to taste on your walk. The establishment opened in 1952 and it sells a great variety of products, since cheeses to wines, since delicatessen to delicious cakes and desserts, typical of the city. If you go in, it’s certainly going to be hard to resist to “tibias”, “rosquinhas” and “pão-de-ló” or to the yummy almonds of this house that is, surely, one of the major pastry references in Braga.


Frigideiras do Cantinho

Later, after taking a walk through the emblematic rua do Souto or through the little rua de Janes, there is another spot filled with sweet treats that you won’t want to miss. Frigideiras do Catinho may be famous for its typical dish, frigideiras, but they are also well-known for the quality of its pastry. Don’t forget to try “sameirinhas”, éclairs, roman cake or “mil-folhas” of this establishment that’s the oldest in the city. And, while you get delighted, you can take the opportunity to look at the Roman relics that the owners of the house wanted to leave in plain sight, after they found them during some restorations in 1997.


Ferreira Capa

Located at rua dos Capelistas, Ferreira Capa is one of those places where we “eat with our eyes”. The window case of the pastry is truly appealing and it’s always filled with sweet treats to which you can’t say no to. “Natas”, “tibias”, “doces húngaros” and the traditional “bolo-rei” catch our eye immediately and, as soon as you have a little taste, they conquer us for their delicious flavor. On this location, you can taste the best of Braga’s pastry and enjoy a nice place, richly decorated, where the mirrors, the lamps and the floor are the same of old times.



Afterwards, you just have to go up rua dos Chãos to find another pastry shop that will leave water in your mouth. Montalegrense group owns several establishments and this one is located in on the space of an old bakery of reference, Regina Doce. In spite of the change and the restoration of the place, the quality of the cakes and sweet treats was kept by Montalegrense. “Jesuítas”, “docinhos de coco”, the several varieties of “bolo rei” will certainly delight you through its traditional and authentic flavors.


Doçaria de S. Vicente

To wear out the calories of the four previous pastry shops and enjoy other sweet delicacies, you have to walk a little bit. Close to S. Vicente church, you’ll find the Doçaria with the same name. It’s one of the oldest in Braga and it’s definitely one of the major references when it comes to traditional sweet treats. There is nothing like “bolas de Berlim”, “pão-de-ló” and “moletinhos” of this house, which, on celebration times like Christmas and Easter, gets completely full of people looking for the most genuine and typical pastry products. Doçaria de S. Vicente is, therefore, one of the mandatory stops to taste the best of Braga.