4 green zones in Braga’s center that are worth a visit

To spend some good calm moments or to take a few pictures right in the city’s center, there are several options of green zones that you will not want to miss.

There’s more to the historic center than just monuments and restaurants and Taste Braga helps you to find these more natural and relaxed places:

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Garden of Biscainhos’ Museum

The garden of Biscainhos’ Museum is a part of an old palace that belonged to a noble family on the 17th and 18th centuries and is inscribed in the baroque style of the time. Always well taken care of, this green zone has leafy old trees and lawn spaces, perfectly complemented with fountains and decorations made out of wood. It’s an excellent location to observe the best of baroque art and a preserved piece of History, while enjoying the involving nature. The visit to this garden is free and you’ll certainly be amazes when you leave.

Garden of Santa Bárbara

Right in the heart of Braga’s historical center, among cemented buildings, you will find a garden that immediately stands out for its beauty in a mainly urban area. It’s the ideal place to relax a bit reading a book, in the little stone benches or by the fountain of Santa Bárbara, who gives her name to the garden. This green space is always meticulously taken care of and the huge amount of flowers add a nice aroma and a spectacular color pallet. It’s a garden with a romantic aura that fits in really well with Paço medieval as background. It definitely deserves a long and calm visit, with plenty of time to take pictures and enjoy the conjugation between art and nature.

Garden of Nogueira da Silva Museum

Nogueira da Silva Museum is located in avenida Central and it was the house of Casa da Sorte’s owner, António Augusto Nogueira da Silva. Its front and its location don’t allow you to even guess that there is a such a nice and big garden in the back. French inspired, this green zone is full of buxaceae plants and magnolias and there are true works of art. There is a baroque fountain, there are ceramic statues by Jorge Barradas and tile panels that came from a palace. The diversity is big and it creates a different and original conjugation with the involving green areas. To walk through this garden, you’ll have to buy a ticket for 2 euros, which includes the visit to the museum and its expositions.

Parque da Ponte

By the end of Avenida da Liberdade, quite far from the flower beds of the area, you’ll find Parque da Ponte. It’s a huge green zone that’s divided in four areas: an exterior part, an interior part, the sports building and the campsite of the city. The exterior comes as a small forest in the heart of an urban area. It contains lawn and wooded spaces and artificial lakes that add to it the calming sound of the water. It’s a nice place to relax reading a book or having a picnic and it’s also ideal for families with children, since it has a playground.