This Easter, the eggs are stuffed by you

There is no Easter without eggs, almonds and giant rabbits of various sizes and types of chocolate.

Offering or hunting them is one of the Easter traditions that brings the family together. But this year you’ll surprise them with the eggs to eat with the spoonful of the Atelier das Delícias. No more hollow eggs inside or with gifts, all we want now is to fill our eggs with our favourite toppings, a caloric sin forgivable on this court.

There are boxes of stuffed mini eggs or a large egg to share. They are presented in boxes with a bow tie and a cardboard designed for the season.

Start by choosing the type of chocolate in your egg shell: milk chocolate, white or half bitter. Choose a flavor of filling: kiss, traditional brigadeiro, white chocolate, bueno kinder, nido milk, nutella, oreo or rafaello. Finally, choose 3 toppings: almonds, hazelnut, homemade chocolate from the Atelier das Delícias, kinder bueno, M&M, oreo or rafaello.

Your egg is ready, with a presentation that leaves anyone with water in their mouth, and even more delicious. This time, there’s no one who won’t go on the Easter egg hunt and smear themselves.

Place your order by phone 939 910 905, by email, by instagram or visit the Atelier das Delícias in Rua Cónego Rafael Álvares da Costa, in São Victor.