There are tapas from all over the world to enjoy in Braga, until Sunday

The gastronomic dishes from twelve countries will be tasted this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Palácio dos Biscainhos.

“Tapas do Mundo” is the name of the initiative that provides a journey through the flavours, culture and tradition of these countries.

There are a number of typical tapas from Germany, Angola, Australia, Brazil, Cape Verde, China, United States of America, India, Mozambique, Russia, Venezuela and Vietnam, whose prices range from 2 to 8€. To taste, in perfect harmony with the green wines of Adega Ponte da Barca.

Some of the dishes you will be able to taste are: Germany – Frikadela with sourkraut and pickled cucumber; Smoked mackerel with potato salad and rabano-apple sauce; Angola – Game sausage pies with jinguba, jimboa and mushrooms; Australia – Meat Pie; Brazil – Cassava dumplings with meat; Cape Verde – Cachupa; China – Sweet and sour spare ribs; Spicy meat wontons with peanut sauce; United States of America – Golden shrimp with potato thread, avocado mousse, lime and coriander; fried corn cubes with aioli; goat cheese crostini au gratin with honey and thyme; India – Shrimp croquettes and flat potatoes; Mozambique – Almond and Satay cakes; Russia – Pirozhki; Venezuela – Rice areps and cakes and Vietnam – Cha Bo.

The Australian Justin Jennings (Downunder by Justin Jennings restaurant) and the Portuguese António Alexandre (Chefs Academy) are the chefs responsible for making faithful representations of the dishes of the countries present, which will be made with national raw materials, with the aim of promoting the versatility of Portuguese products.

These countries were some of the distant stops visited by Fernão Magalhães. From the commemoration of the 500 years of its circum navigation was born the APDB 500 RESERVA of the Adega Ponte da Barca, which will be presented in a set of perfect harmonizations.

In order to facilitate payment, the “world currency” was created for this event, which will work as a form of payment and can be exchanged on site. There is also a lounge area with music and DJ.

The initiative is organized by LGSP Events by Lufthansa LGSP and DOT Global, in partnership with Município de Braga and the Associação Comercial de Braga. The event takes place from July 5st to 7th, between 17h00 and 1h00, in the Palácio dos Biscainhos gardens, in Braga.