The most romantic restaurant in Braga to celebrate Valentine’s Day

The tables are old doors of old houses, the lamps are jars, coffee makers and taps, and the food is served in hand-painted crockery by an artisan from Barcelos, inspired by the traditional Portuguese boyfriend’s handkerchiefs. Can you imagine a more romantic setting to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

On Valentine’s Day, taste the special menu that Bira dos Namorados prepared for couples that includes starters, main course, drink and dessert.

There are three starters: smoked salmon with ricotta pate and dried tomatoes, beef carpaccio accompanied by arugula, alcapacarras, parmesan flakes, olive oil and salt flower, baba ganoush and brie cheese gratin with red fruits jam, served with mini toasts and tortillas. For main course you can choose one of the specialties:

Cow or grilled chicken burger (140gr), cole slaw of heart cabbage, purple cabbage and carrot (with natural yogurt sauce, mayonnaise and lemon), cheddar cheese, cornichons and purple onion jam on brioche bread with sesame seeds and crunchy bacon;

Sliced ​​pork burger of origin DOP (150gr), purple lettuce, purple onion, cheddar cheese, grilled bacon, corn and dutch mustard sauce on hamburger bread;

Grilled fresh salmon burger, baby spinach leaves, white chocolate cream cheese and clarified butter with raspberry and pomegranate seeds on rustic chocolate and hazelnut bread.

Quinoa burger, chickpeas and beets, accompanied with purple lettuce, homemade radish pickles, grilled pineapple slice, and vegan mayonnaise of avocado and lime, into beetroot cake.

Prego – grilled beef (150gr), caramelized onion, chopped and toasted bacon and gorgonzola cheese and mushroom butter on bread.

All of them are served with regular and sweet potato chips as well as a salad mix. To accompany the meal you choose one of the drinks: 1L of sparkling sangria with red berries; 1 bottle of wine (Fafide, Ventoz and Monte da Vaqueira) or 2 red fruits lemonade or water (0.5l) or 2 beers.

The dinner ends with a sweet: torna of lime relaxed, passion or wild fruit cheesecake.

The meal costs € 22.00 per person and can be booked in Braga or Porto, and is accompanied by live music and many surprises.

The Bira dos Namorados Restaurant opened in 2014, at the hands of Diogo Carvalho, from Famalicão, and Mariana Marques, from Porto, who met at the university and found themselves without work when they finished their studies. With the hamburgers market growing in Lisbon, they decided to open theirs in Braga, and it was at this time that the two were called to work, Diogo at IPDJ, and Mariana at SONAE. Mariana accepted the challenge, and Diogo continued to work in the business where, today, they are two hundred percent, and have already expanded to Porto.

An artisan hamburger that seeks to differentiate itself by concept, service and quality. It should be noted that all products are fresh, delivered on the day and come from local producers.

Bira dos Namorados in Braga

Contact: 253 039 571

Address: R. Dom Gonçalo Pereira 85, 4700-032 Braga

Bira dos Namorados in Porto

Contact: 222 081 009

Address: Rua de Ceuta, 61, 4050-191 Porto