The dates to celebrate in January

In January, there are several special dates you have to celebrate. Either it’s more well-known, with greater motivations days or days dedicated to more common subjects, they are all good excuses to cook, eat and celebrate.

Check our list of four great dates to celebrate this January:

The Three Wise Men Day

On the January 6th – and on the night of the 5th – we celebrate the arrival of the three Wise Men in Belen to visit baby Jesus. People sing “os reis” and “as janeiras” through the streets and, according to tradition, they eat boiled cod and ‘bolo-rei’. This date puts an end to Christmas’ festivities, but it’s also a day of celebration in which family gets together again around the dinner table.


Credits: Chefinho

International Thank You Day

The January 11th is to thank everyone. It began online, through social media, with the purpose of reminding people of saying “thank you”. It’s not a very mediatized date yet, but the motto is really nice. So, on this day, thank those around you, cooking something for them. There is no better way to say “thanks” than offering a good food plate! 

Crédito: Sr. Bacalhau

International Hot and Spicy Food Day

The January 16th is to remind people about hot and spicy food. The origin and the why of this date dedicated to something so specific is unknown, but the truth is it’s on the calendar. But, being about food, its origin doesn’t matter. What matters is taking advantage of the day to feed ourselves even better than usual! On this day, prepare your favorite hot or spicy dish to celebrate the date!

International Port Wine Day

The January 27th celebrates the fabulous existence of the famous Port Wine. The date was created in 2012 by Center of White Origins, an institution to which Douro and Porto Wines Institute is a part of. The purpose is to promote the drink and traditionally there are activities occurring on the cellars on this day. As every excuse are good to drink a little chalice, enjoy the date! And, even better, on 2018, the date is on a Saturday.