The 6 dishes you must have in a Minho’s Christmas

Everyone knows Minho is a region with a huge gastronomical richness and, in a season like Christmas, the table could only be filled with the best delicacies.

Find out which dishes Minho’s people always have at their homes, during Christmas time:

Boiled cod fish

Cod fish is definitely the king ingredient in Portuguese cuisine. All over the country, boiled cod fish is the most elected dish for Christmas Eve’s dinner. Each bite, accompanied with the best Portuguese olive oil, must have a nice white piece of cod mixed with boiled potato, kale, carrot and egg.

Credits: Teleculinária

‘Polvo à lagareiro’

‘Polvo à lagareiro’ is another of the most made dishes for Christmas Eve’s dinner or Christmas day’s lunch. It’s octopus cooked in the oven with potatoes and lots of onion, all dived into good olive oil. The flavors and the smell is amazing and make your mouth water at any time of the year.

Credits: Vida Ativa

‘Roupa velha’

The name of this dish, which literally translated means “old clothes”, may not seem very tasty, but truth is it’s quite delicious. It’s made with Christmas Eve’s leftover, consisting of a mix of cod, kale and potatoes and, sometimes, even octopus. In the old days, it was a way not to waste the food that was so hard to buy, but it became a typical Portuguese dish.

Credits: Teleculinária


One of the most famous and well-liked Christmas’ desserts, ‘aletria’ has to be present on Minho’s tables. It consists of a pasta dish usually cooked with milk, sugar, some lemon and cinnamon. At the end it’s usually decorated with Christmas drawings made with powder cinnamon.

Credits: Keep Recipes


Made with milk, wine or water. It doesn’t matter. ‘Rabanadas’ always sweeten our Christmas. They are made with bread slices – cacete, a thick bread that is left to dry -, ‘rabanadas’ are a fried dessert that is then dived into milk/wine/water and sprinkled with sugar and powder cinnamon. These are excellent hot or cold and they leave a delicious aroma on the air.

Credits: Guia da Semana

‘Mexidos’ or ‘Formigos’

Another Christmas dessert with cinnamon on the mix and one more dish that takes advantage of the leftovers until the last little piece. ‘Mexidos’ or ‘formigos’ are made with small pieces of hard bread which are then put into a mix of water/milk, sugar, honey and cinnamon. Sometimes, it’s added a bit of Port wine and some nuts that give it a crunchy and delicious touch.

Credits: Taste Porto