4 best brunches in Braga

Brunch appeared in 1895 in Britain and it’s described as a Sunday meal for those who like to celebrate on a Saturday night. This concept, which brings together the two first meals of the day, is perfect for those who enjoy the art of eating well. Whether on a Sunday morning or at lunch in the middle of the week, this trend is here to stay and Braga is no exception!

There are several possibilities where you can enjoy a beautiful brunch, however we present 4 places where this service is always available and at the same time, they make your mouth water:


Casinha Boutique Café

The Casinha Boutique Café located in Largo do Paço, right next to the emblematic Braga Cathedral, offers a brunch that pleases the gods. The brunch allows the customer to choose between various delights and make a meal as he wishes. You can choose between a hot or a cold drink, a croissant or a scone with butter and sweet, Greek yogurt with raspberry or soup, sandwich or scrambled eggs with ham and herbs and, for dessert, a slice of cake (cheesecake, pie or homemade cake) or fruit. For only 10.95€, you can make your lunch interesting and at the same time enjoy the characteristic decoration of this cafe.

Source: Facebook Casinha Boutique Café


Colinatrum Café

This cafe located at Rua Damião de Góis, next to D. Diogo de Sousa Museum – Museum of Archaeology, beside its delicious brunch it still presents to its customers a magnificent landscape. Among many delicacies you can choose a brunch that suits your taste, Colinatrum offers bread or toast, croissant, ham, cheese, butter, honey, jam, a hot beverage (coffee, milk or tea), orange juice, scrambled or fried eggs, sausages and fruit salad to clean the palate. For only 8.50€, let yourself go, spoil your belly and enjoy one of the most beautiful landscapes in the center of this cosmopolitan city.

Source: Facebook Colinatrum


Ferreira Capa

This historic pastry shop located on Rua dos Capelistas, in the heart of the city, presents a delicious brunch for those who cannot get satisfied with a simple late coffee. This brunch consists on tasty temptations: a hot or cold drink, bread, croissant, toast with jellies, slices of cheese and ham, laminated fruit, scrambled eggs with bacon or parsley, and finally a coffee accompanied by a miniature pastry. This menu, which gives envy even to the least greedy, is available for only 9.50€. Let yourself go by the scents of this wonderful brunch while contemplating one of the most imposing spaces in the city.

Source: Tripadvisor


Café Vianna

This is one of Braga’s most emblematic cafes, located in Praça da República, and it has also surrendered to brunches – for the happiness of all those who go there. French toast with fruit and honey, scrambled eggs with bacon, parfait with granola, yogurt, seasonal fruit and drinks (hot or cold) are part of this incredible delicacy. With only 9.50€ you can enjoy a journey between sweet and savory, to make the best of what Café Vianna has to offer. Follow your instinct and let it lead you to the iconic arcade building in one of the most beautiful cities in the country.

Source: Facebook Café Vianna