Really sweet places you should visit in Braga

Braga might be known for its traditional pastry, the pastry of the monasteries, but there are more modern, younger spots to sweeten your day when in Braga.

Explore our list of establishments filled with candies and delicious desserts that are certain to ruin your diet:

The Cheesecake Story

Classic cheesecakes, with red fruits and cranberry, and bolder cheesecakes, with oreo, ‘aletria’ and brownies. This is just some of the offer of The Cheesecake Story, a little place that stays in our hearts for the delicious flavors that are put on our table and for the warm welcoming we always receive.

Find it next to Arco da Porta Nova, in a small but very cozy store. Prepare yourself to eat only with your eyes, due to the filled and perfect show window with cheesecakes in every shape and color.

Pretzel Bakery

It brought the pretzel, a typical German biscuit with a twisted shape that has already conquered the stomach of Braga’s public. But besides pretzels, it sells other sweet treats that don’t disappoint anyone.

Pretzel Bakery is in rua do Souto, in a very nice and modern space, where you can enjoy some calm moments while watching the movement of one of the main streets in the city.

Ô Sorbet d’Amour

More than 70 delicious ice cream flavors! That’s  what Ô Sorbet d’Amour brought to Braga – the first city outside France to have the honor to welcome a brand’ store.

The place is located in rua Francisco Sanches and it welcomes anyone who passes by. The ice cream’s appearance will make it impossible to resist and, as soon as you taste them, you’ll realize that they will make you cry for more, when you finish them.


Ice creams with divine flavors, beautiful and fluffly cupcakes and a huge number of drinks and delicious desserts. This is the world of Spirito, a place that has already made Braga’s people and visitors fell in love with it.

In Braga, it’s by São João do Souto Church, in the square with the same name. The interior space is very cozy and well-decorated. In the exterior, there is a perfect terrace, to a summer night with family or friends, among ice creams and other delights.

Nut’ Braga

It’s Nutella’ store in Braga! And, well, that’s enough said.

Since it opened in rua do Souto, the place has been a hit. In summer nights, you see people leave Nut’ with a happy look on their faces and with churros, crepes and croissants accompanied with hot Nutella. It’s mouth-watering just hearing about it, right?

Sabores Gelados

It’s a location that has already become irresistible to all of Braga’s people. It serves us delicious crepes and waffles with excellent flavors and all the kind of sweet drinks with coffee and other ingredients.

Sabores Gelados is situated in rua do Souto and it becomes a great spot either for summer or winter. In the interior, you’ll find a cozy and comfortable place, perfect to study or talk with friends, and in the exterior, there is a terrace hidden from the sun in the summer and warmed up during the winter.