Quietinho em Casa in Braga

The new Quietinho em Casa website brings together a list of services with home deliveries, from supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies and even laundries, to make life easier for those who are at home because of Covid-19, and avoid the need to travel.

Braga was chosen for the pilot project, which had the support of the Commercial Association of Braga to bring together a set of establishments with the service. Users can consult the establishments at https://www.quietinhoemcasa.pt/braga and filter by category and location.

With 53 registered traders, the initiative aims to bring local commerce closer to the population, revitalising it at a time when the health authorities are asking for all non-essential travel to be avoided. In this way, the entities involved intend to encourage the people of Braga to use the services with home deliveries.

“Bringing local consumers closer to their commerce was the motto for the promotion of this partnership, which aims to create a credible and reliable alternative to large-scale distribution for home delivery shopping. We believe that with this platform we are promoting a socially responsible behaviour of the whole community with local commerce”, defends Rui Marques, general director of ACB, who recognises Quietinho em Casa as a good option, both for traders and consumers.

Carlos Silva, Director of Investbraga, defends that “these platforms make it possible to make traditional commerce profitable and dynamic, preparing and training these structures for the change that lies ahead, of taking their products and services to people’s homes”.

Quietinho em Casa, besides facilitating the search for segmentation of commercial spaces with home delivery, provides video tutorials of the main delivery services, in order to massify the use of the platform, eliminating barriers associated, many times, to the little practice of consumers with online shopping.

This pilot is added to the Quietinho em Casa project, which is part of the tech4COVID19 movement, created by a group of founders of the Portuguese technological community that is creating technological solutions that help the population to overcome the challenges launched by the pandemic.

The Quietinho em Casa project dedicated to Braga can be consulted at https://www.quietinhoemcasa.pt/braga.