Nowadays, the process of ham’s production is reflected in the traditional method used for centuries. To produce this delicacy, it’s required high quality products that follow the technical specificities defined. The pig’s leg needs biological stabilization, with a low temperature and a high level of humidity. This stabilization is divided in three processes:

Salting and post-salting – adding salt to the pig’s leg, considering all the process of dehydration and preservation.

Drying and maturation – in the gradual decrease of temperature and the increase in the level of humidity, you get a natural fusion between the part of the protection fat and its distribution in the muscular tissue, as well as the melioration of sensorial characteristics, like color, aroma and its characteristic flavor.

Aging and curing – the final phase and process of curing the ham ends very slowly until it becomes the final product.

All the process should be controlled by a master who will oversee everything including the duration of each phase.