How to identify a Northerner woman

All Portuguese women are special, but Northerners have something different that distinguishes them from the rest. And no, it’s not “pelo na benta” – the hair on their faces.

Dealing with Northerner women – strong woman who are very caring in a peculiar way – is not always easy. The first step to learn is to know how to identify them. If you realize previously that you are with a Northerner woman, you’ll have more chances of survival!

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So, here’s our help so that you can figure out if you’re dealing with a Northerner woman:

They walk with their hands on their hips, very sure of themselves

Northerner women have a confidant way of acting. They walk with their hands on their hips, with a penetrating and almost threatening look for those who do not know them. They feel very sure of themselves and they face the world with the certainty that they can take down anything that crosses their way.

They blush and get embarrassed easily

Even though they are strong women, they blush and get embarrassed easily. They don’t like being the center of attentions and even less being too friendly to strangers. So, they are somewhat shy, a characteristic that makes them even more charming.

They are always taking care of others

Northerner women are, by nature, very generous and concerned about everything around them. Especially when it’s about family. You can see them preparing and offering food all the time and advising an extra coat against colds! It’s a quality and also an irritating flaw sometimes, but they can’t help themselves.

When they get angry, the best option is to run away from them

Seeing a Northerner woman angry is a reason to quickly run away from them. Their shyness and generosity disappear in the moments they are angry. If you see them with their eyes half-closed, hands on their hips and squeezed lips, you can expect a series of yelling. But, believe it, if they do it is out of concern for something or because someone did something really serious to them.

So, do you recognize this signs in anyone?