5 ‘Romarias’ you shouldn’t miss in Braga

If you enjoy music, tradition and talking and if you would like to visit Braga but you haven’t yet decided when to do it, we give you here some suggestions about the major festivities in the city.

Surely, these festivities will end your doubts about when to visit Braga. The suggestions are on, now you just have to choose.


  • ‘Romaria’ de S. Vicente
    S. Vicente is one of the biggest parishes in the city and it brings one of the first festivities. The celebration of S. Vicente occurs between January 21st and 22nd and it is full of activities.
  • Braga Romana
    In May, the city goes back in time and it dresses accordingly to recreate the everyday of Bracara Augusta, having inclusively 80 hours of programs. This is a mobilizing project of Braga’ society that relies on the commitment and support of hundreds of associations, merchants and schools to recreate the life in the time that romans dominated the city.
  • Semana Santa
    Semana Santa of Braga detains the title for the most famous festivity in Portugal. Although, its origins are not known, there is inspiration on the record of a woman of the IV century, inhabitant of the ancient Bracara Augusta (now city of Braga).
    Semana Santa is until today a tradition that comes at least from XVI century, with some developments and variations throughout the years. This festivity has been enriched with innovative elements, according to the liturgical plan, but conserving some unique elements of Braga’s own ritual.
  • São João de Braga
    Counting with 12 days of animation along the city’ streets and more than 230 hours of activities, Braga celebrates every year between June 14th and 25th São João, the biggest and oldest festivity dedicated to this saint in the country.
    From the ‘Joões’ meeting – the meeting of people named João – to the biggest Gigantones and Cabeçudos gathering, passing by King David’s Dance, among many other activities, it is guaranteed all the conditions to make it a success every year.
  • Festival Internacional de Folklore
    Braga promotes the Festival Internacional de Folklore (FIF), an initiative that counts with the participation of several groups, representing various countries, which provides for three days full of color, joy and dance culture in the city, all happening at Avenida Central, stage for a big gathering of cultures that promote beauty and customs of its ethnography.