4 mandatory things to do at Bom Jesus

Bom Jesus may be a sanctuary with great religious significance but the truth is that all the complex is also a leisure place, with lots of things to take advantage of and that will give fun and relaxed moments.

We have a list of 4 things – almost – mandatory to do at Bom Jesus do Monte, in Braga:

Use the Staircases

Even if you haven’t been to Bom Jesus, you have certainly seen panoramic pictures of the area. That huge staircases that lead to the top, to the Sanctuary, was made to be used and enjoyed. It’s over 5 hundred to climb, but is so worth doing it. Go calmly. Let yourself get involved by the symbolism and the nature in perfect harmony with human construction. All the tiredness and the shaking of the knees will go away once you reach the top and see the stunning view over the city.

Walk and sail

The space that surrounds the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus is wide and really green. There are several beautiful spots where to walk and enjoy nature and also little benches that can offer calm and resting moments. On the lake, you can sail a little bit in small rowing boats and live fun moments while trying to coordinate movements to lead the boat.

Travel in the funicular

Go on the small elevator, moved with water, is mandatory for those who pass by Bom Jesus. If you climb the Staircases, it’s always a good idea to come down on the oldest funicular of Iberian Peninsula still working. You’ll save your legs and you’ll have the unique experience of seeing in action an engine that dates back to the 19th century. It’s 274 meters of travel, with 42% of inclination, on an average speed of 1,2/1,8 m/s.

Having lunch/dinner at restaurant O Pórtico

After a very occupied visit to Bom Jesus, you have to charge your batteries with a good meal. And one of the best places to do so near by is in O Pórtico. This restaurant serves delicious dishes, typical of Minho. There is cod, cooked in different ways, and meat to die for. For dessert, pudim à Abade de Priscos and natas do céu are only some of the options that you’ll make your mouth water and that can make you gain back all the calories you lost climbing the Staircases.