3 tips for a perfect Valentine’s Day in Braga

Valentine’s Day is already a date celebrated by almost every couple and it assumed much importance in love life. As we don’t want you to miss anything, we leave you three tips to make it a perfect day!

Now read them and follow them carefully:

Buy a gift in Braga’s historical center

Braga has many small local business shops around its historical center. To buy an original gift that draws a smile on your soulmate’s face, try to walk through the streets for a while, searching for a store that sells the thing you’re looking for. This kind of smaller establishments tend to sell products that a little different from usual, which means success when it’s about offering something to someone special.

Book a table on one the city’s best restaurant

Braga has a little bit of everything when it comes to restaurants: there are the typical, the ethnic, the hamburger places,… So, make a wise decision and check out our list of the best restaurants in the city. Search for the one that adjust best to your taste and style and book a table there with time! Valentine’s Day means full restaurants and you can’t take the chance of not having a table on that perfect restaurant for your special date.

Go to one of the city’s highest spots

Fact: There is nothing more romantic than a beautiful sunset or a landscape of a half-sleeping city at night. As such, this Valentine’s Day, go to one of the city’s highest spots and enjoy some calm moments with stunning images of Braga as background. There are tons of options: Bom Jesus, Sameiro, Picoto, Falperra or even Montariol. Any of these spots will offer the idyllic scenario for a Valentine’s Day filled with love, romance and pretty things.