Braga competes for the 7 Maravilhas Doces de Portugal

The goal of this year’s 7 Wonders is to “sweeten the mouth” of the Portugueses. After the 7 Wonders of the Table, the villages, the best beaches, the gastronomy, the natural wonders, the wonders of Portuguese origin in the world and, in 2007, the wonders of Portugal, this year, the competition is dedicated to Portuguese sweets.

The goal is to discover “the sweetness that grandmother made every Christmas, which was created in convents and has been maintained until today, that delicacy of the land that is only eaten at Easter, the ice cream that is only made in summer with seasonal fruit, the pudding based on local production, that traditional sweet that is only found in that part of the country and especially the innovations that privilege what the land gives”, says the organization.

On 7th May, 140 sweets were unveiled, which passed the first two rounds of the 7 Maravilhas Doces de Portugal, and which are now being put to public vote. Among them is the famous Pudim Abade de Priscos, the typical dessert of Braga.

These 140 sweets will be voted by the public in 20 daytime programs, to be broadcast live on RTP, in the months of July and August. A pre-finalist comes out of each program and goes on to the semifinals. The pre-finalists are divided by lot by the two semifinals, on August 24 and 31, two programs live on RTP1, broadcast in prime time. In each semifinal the 7 sweets are counted, those with more votes counted. The Finalíssima Gala will take place on September 7, 2019 and will be broadcast on RTP1, during prime time. Of the 14 finalists, 7 sweets will be elected by the Portuguese as 7 Wonders of Portugal.

There were seven categories in the competition: pastry cake, fruit and honey sweets, territory sweets, spoon and slice sweets, dry biscuits and cakes, innovation sweets and festive sweets. The sweets had to have a component from their place of origin, using regional ingredients.

See below the sweets that Braga took to the competition:

1 – Pudim Abade de Priscos from Doçaria Cruz de Pedra (category: Sweets of Territory)

2 – Tíbias from Tíbias de Braga Pastry (category: Pastry Cake)

3 – Pastéis dos Remédios from Doçaria Cruz de Pedra (category: Pastry Cake)

4 – Fidalguinhos from Frigideiras do Cantinho (category: Cookies and Dry Cakes)

5 – Moletinhos de S. Vicente from Frigideiras do Cantinho (category: Festive Sweets)

6 – Sanjoanino from Tíbias de Braga Pastry (category: Sweet Innovation)

7 – Biscaínhos from Tíbias de Braga Pastry (category: Sweet Innovation)