4 things to do at Sameiro

The sanctuary of Our Lady of Sameiro, in Braga, is one of the major temples dedicated to Mary in Portugal, but, besides the obvious religious part, there is a lot to do at this touristic place of the city.

Check out our list and find a plan of things to do in this holy mountain:


1. Enjoy the amazing view over the city

Sameiro is the highest point in the city of Braga, at 572 meters high, and as such it offers one of the best views over the region. In clear sky days, you can see a big part of the city and – with some luck – sometimes, it’s even possible to have a glimpse of the sea in the horizon. Also take time to visit this holy mountain at sunset and witness the night falling in the city, with Braga turning to a thousand points of light.

2. Go up to the “zimbório”

The “zimbório” is the highest part of the Sanctuary, placing us at more than 600 meters high. Climb the hundreds of stairs that take to the point may seem hard, but it’s so worth it. The view up there is even more awesome and the climb will certainly make a good story to tell to friends and family.

3. Walk through the gardens

This place is still a blessed location when it comes to nature. The area that surround the Sanctuary is vast and still very green. There are charming and well-taken care of gardens to see and enjoy the best nature has to offer. Notice the details of the geometrical gardens and in the big trees and sit on the stone tables for a picnic or simply to take a few moments of peace and quiet.

4. Have lunch or dinner at “O Maia”

When visiting Minho, you can’t leave without tasting its wonderful gastronomy. The restaurant “O Maia” is an excellent place to do so. Enjoy the diversified cod dishes that delight everyone and the divine desserts in a traditional place, where the way you are treated and the comfort will make you feel like home.