3 great places for a vegetarian meal in Braga

Minho’s region is known for its substantial dishes, filled with meat and fish, but in Braga there are place especially dedicated to vegetarian people and to those who simple enjoy a lighter and greener dish.

Check out our suggestions of great places to eat a vegetarian meal in Braga:


Hibiscus is located really close to rua dos Capelistas, right in the city’s center. It offers a comfortable place, where you’ll feel immediately at home, and it puts on your table the most creative, colorful and tasty dishes. What distinguishes it is its buffet, which gives you a great number of delicious options and will make your choice harder. Try the rice and spices salad, the roasted seitan, the Indian tofu and the wonderful quiches!

Anjo Verde

Anjo Verde is next to Arco da Porta Nova, more precisely in the picturesque praça Velha. The place is very nice and it’s decorated in a simple way, offering a quite nice and eclectic ambiance. The food is great and it delights everyone who enjoy a nice vegetarian dish. Don’t forget to try the big specialties of the house, like the vegetarian lasagna, the tofu hamburger with curry sauce and the spinach crepe with mushrooms!


A Greenstore4you is quite close to Sé de Braga, in a little street that goes to the back of the Cathedral. More than a restaurant, this place is also a physical store and an online store that sell products made with environmental awareness. The whole concept is based on ecology and sustainability, having filled a gap in the city. Here, the food is also delicious and, everyday, you can count on a changeable menu (soup, dish and dessert). Order a seitan goulash, the rice on the oven and the mango and passion fruit semifrio!